Destonia (2D) Version 1.5 *1st Update!*

(Side Quest - Bug Fixes) 

- Hugo's Quest: the gem that falls out of the generator in 'the cursed corpse pit' is now a 'dark mana gem', give it to Hugo to complete his quest.

- Ash's Quest: Blush will give you a 'sleeping dragon tear' when you find her, give it to Ash to complete his quest.

- Terra's Quest: Chill will drop a 'dark mana crystal fragment' after her boss fight, give it to Terra to complete her questline.

(Map Design/Text Improvements)

- All locations you visit in the game have been improved visually to look more attractive.

- All typo's have been fixed.


- The signs in front of every new area you can explore now tells you what level you should be before entering.

- Difficulty was increased/balanced a bit for a better experience.


Destonia (2D) *ZIP* // Version 1.5 591 MB
Jun 19, 2023

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